An Attractive Alternative

As business becomes more competitive, successful companies must ensure that operations run at peak efficiency and productivity. Consistent review and maintenance of equipment is crucial. Eventually, all companies are faced with the same question: whether to continue to maintain aging machinery or invest in costly new equipment?

Corrugated Machinery Specialists (CMS) offers an attractive alternative: recondition and retrofit. With more than 40 years of experience in the corrugated industry, CMS offers reliable heavy duty retrofits for S&S Flexo Folder Gluers. We can service every aspect of your equipment, whether it's supplying the replacement parts for your S&S Flexo Folder Gluer, or, installing upgrades and retrofits at the customer's site.

Experience, Reliability & Quality - The CMS Advantage

With CMS' unmatched services and support, machinery is up and running better than new in just a short period of time. Our retrofits and upgrades are operator and maintenance friendly which reduces downtime and unnecessary maintenance cost.

As the leading manufacturer and installer of retrofits and upgrades, the company has provided outstanding service to customers around the world. By implementing CMS' strategic services, these companies have realized significant advantages:

     • Increase in production
     • Superior folding quality
     • Decrease in waste and maintenance costs
     • High overhead costs are eliminated
     • Payback is immediate

Our superior service and quality retrofits have made us the No. 1 choice for companies worldwide.