S&S 701 38" x 80" Flexo Folder Gluer Available for Complete CMS Reconditioning with Up to 4 Colors. Maximum Speed 350 Boxes Per Minute. Built to Run Hi-Test Double Wall to Non-Test Board. Offered with Machine Warranty.

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The machine reconditioning will include the following:

  • New electric 360 degree running registers with digital read-out on slotter and printers
  • 1:1 impression to print ratio with chromed print and impression cyliders, and pull roll shafts
  • Chromed slotter and creaser shafts
  • Motorized slotter heads and folding rails with new Valco glue system
  • New Sun Lead edge feeder with Extend-O-Feed, skipfeed, and vacuum control
  • Motorized back stop "in/out" and "up/down"
  • Motorized side quides
  • Equipped with new gang lock slotter heads with 3/8 slots
  • Indepent adjustable folding rail setting for flat sheet runs
  • New roll-back mechanism and new roll back tracks and hardened wear strips
  • Roll-back slotter for easy set-ups and maintenance, and die cutting after slotting

The machine will be upgraded with the following CMS retrofits:

  • New 60 HP digital drive (AC)
  • New electrical enclosures throughout
  • New electrical with PLC control, includes "auto zero". Touch control screen with register control at the delivery end, and touch screens on the printers and feeder
  • Vacuum assisted folding section, H/D folding guides, zero crush folding rollers, and folding rails to skip feed length
  • Automatic lower folding belt tensioners
  • Heavy-duty no-tools required nylon rod fold
  • Extended upper and lowe folding belts (eliminates kidney belts)
  • New B/C flute and double wall lift screws
  • Heavy-duty Accu-Count air aperated pusher retrofit, electronically controlled for accurated and safe bundle count and bundle ejection
  • Easy-Set hold down spring retrofit on squaring bar
  • Built-in long and short hold downs in bundle and compression section
  • Narrow panel hold down retrofit
  • Air operated frame lock, PLC programmed with "auto open", "auto lock" and "auto zero"
  • New low voltage air and machine control system
  • All keyed gears and perma-mesh drives equipped with extra heavy-duty keyless friction locks
  • Printers equipped with no-tools quired Quick-Set pull collars
  • Harris & Bruno chambered doctor blade system with easy wash
  • Gravity ink feed and pump return (prevents end seal leaks)
  • Machine to be professionally stripped and painted to Customer's color specification

Optional, New CMS 701 Stationary Die Cutter, after slotting:

  • Chromed die cut cylinder with 5/16-18 tapped holes per OEM standards for die cutting die board mounting
  • Chromed lower die cut cylinder with Dicar, auto oscillating, independently driven
  • Chromed entrance upper and lower pull roll shafts with CMS Quick-Set pull collars
  • Motorized scrap belt system
  • Equipped with air brake to prevent register loss when opening machine
  • H/D 360 degree harmonic drive electric running register with digital read-out
  • Outside register control is disabled when machine is open
  • Inside register control for die mounting
  • Exit transfer roller section with air curtain and brushes for scrap removal
  • Equipped with ring fedder keyless friction locks on the harmonic drive hub, upper pull roll drive gear, and lower pull roll drive flange
  • Machine to be wired per Customer's safety standards
  • Machine to be painted to Customer's color specification


For More Information, Please Contact:
Nathan Forrester
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E-Mail: info@cmsretrofits.com