NEW CMS Die Cutter for S&S 701/707, ZLA/Prime 38" Machines. Manufactured by Corrugated Machinery Specialists

New CMS Built Rotary Die Cut Section for S&S / Prime 38" x 80" / 94":
  • Chromed die cut cylinder with 5/16-18 tapped holes per OEM standards for die cutting board mount
  • Chromed lower die cut cylinder with auto oscillating, independently driven
  • Chromed entrance upper and lower pull roll shafts with CMS Quick-Set pull collars
  • Motorized scrap belt system
  • Equipped with air brake to prevent register loss when opening machine
  • H/D 360 degree harmonic drive electric running register with digital read-out
  • Outside register control is disabled when machine is open
  • Inside register control for die mounting
  • Exit transfer roll section with air curtain and brushes for scrap removal
  • Equipped with ring fedder keyless friction locks on the harmonic drive hub, upper pull roll drive gear, and lower pull roll drive flange
  • Machine to be wired per Customer's safety standards
  • Machine Painted to Customer's Specification


For More Information, Please Contact:
Nathan Forrester
Phone: (714) 283-8944
Fax: (714) 283-8943